.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky/Vladimir Volkov "Yankee Doodle Travels" Solyd Records SLRO140
Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet, composer
Vladimir Volkov - bass

1. Road Song (Mikhail Glinka) - 1'57
2. Empty Talk - 2'52
3. In Memoriam Konstantin Nosov - 3'09
4. Calls - 3'45
5. In Memoriam Miles Davis - 4'43
6. In Search For A Standard - 13.00
7. Yankee Doodle Travels - 34.40

...The CD comprises pieces united by the general idea of traveling - in space, time and through musical styles. And indeed, the very first piece - a rendition of the Road Song by Mikhail Glinka, Russian 19th century classical composer who until now seems to have been left untouched by ubiquitous jazz people, - with their subtle, hardly visible quotes from Glenn Miller and the Beatles, sets the mood for the journey across the world of music. A journey which is somewhat ironic but at the same time imbued with real love and understanding of the material. Only two pieces on the album are untouched by irony. Both are memorial and dedicated to deceased trumpet players, Gayvoronsky's teachers and predecessors. With the pieces arranged in an order from the shortest to the longest the album reaches its climax in the title suite.



.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky For Sergey Kuryokhin Long Arms Records CDLA9704
Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet, composer

1. Four Elements: air, fire, water, earth - 16'02
2. Two Streams - 5'12
3. Agnus Dei - 5'52
4. Civilization # 418 - 8'20
5. Conception of Love - 2'50
6. Embryogenesis - 6' 11
7. Two Duets - 6'36 dialectic of morals teacher and disciple
8. Poet - 2'36
9. Ether - 1'07

...Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky's life in music is long and successful. But this is his first solo recording. Production of this CD was the last Kuryokhin's musical action. He wanted to record music for not so distant XXI century Work that hr had inspired was finished after his death and now Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky offers us his musical tribute to his departed friend. Gayvoronsky's sound in his new work is at first shocking; he used his instrument like nobody before. Trumpet finds a new life in his lips and hands - it cries, moans, groans, rattles, creaks and also sings and talks. Only in Agnus Dei - the central track on CD - his sound approaches classical one.

.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky/Evelina Petrova "Chonyi Together" Leo Records CDLR 268
Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet, composer
Evelina Petrova - accordion, vocal

.1. Still life -6'18
.2. Pastorale - 4'07
.3. Celestial Yaha - 5'49
.4. Spanish Waltz - 9'33
.5. Chonyi Together - 8'47
.6. Ballad - 5'48
.7. Bow - 4'30
.8. Field - 4.43
.9. Sit-round gatherings - 4'58
10. Assembly-shop - 3'24
11. Memories of a Waltz - 2'26

..."Chonyi Together" is the duo's first recording. Central for the record is its title track Chonyi Together, Chonyi is a Tibetan term, one of the states of Bardo, a fundamental Buddhist notion, in which the soul, disassociated from the deceased body is wandering throughout mystic worlds searching for the depths of its own self and the universe. Serial technique bestows the piece with a feel of strange bodiless alienation, wanderings of a pure spirit. The album by no means is a monothematic integral whole, and the title track does not dominate it. But at the same time it is a sort of a tuning fork that serves as a cornerstone for the very different if not contrasting moods of the other pieces. The moods indeed are very different: idyllic jumble of The Pastoral; boisterous showing off of The Spanish Waltz; monotonous industrial rhythm of The Assembly Shop; introspective smoothness of The Ballad; indulgent, almost hysteric joyfulness of Sit-around Gatherings with obvious quotations from chastushki, sardonic Russian folk ditties; and finally, nostalgic impressionism of Memories of a Waltz.

.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky Quintet "Postfactum" Solyd Records SLR0140
Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet
Ariadna Koriagina - vocal
Evelina Petrova - accordion
Ernest Ovelian - flute
Grigori Voskoboinik - bass

.1.Ouverture 12.07
.2.Courante 2.23
.3.Gavotte1 1.29
.4.Gavotte2 1.20
.5.Gavotte1 dacapo 0.46
.6.Passpied1 1.04
.7.Passpied2 1.03
.8.Passpied1 dacapo 0.29
.9.Sarabanda 2.32
10.Bourree1 0.59
11.Bourree2 1.38
12.Bourree1dacapo 0.29
13.Gigue 2.32
14.Echo 2.54

...At the Theatre Academy V.Guyvoronsky taught musical improvisation to a special group, which became a basis for a quintet. This ensemble existed for 3 years and performed transcriptions of Partite and Choral Praeludiums by Bach, 3 songs by Bottiegari and a work to "Pigeon Book" ancient Russian text in a very strange instrumentation with, surprisingly, French and Chinese lyrics. Parts of this program we re recorded for the "Postfactum" album (1998).

.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky/Vladimir Volkov " Russian Songs In Conspiracy"
...Soviet Jazz Festival, Zurich 1989, Leo Records CDLR809-812 Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet, composer Vladimir Volkov - bass,voice Three Russian Songs were first performed in 1988. A year later the duo made a studio recording of this piece, which was released in 1990 by the state-owned label MELODIA. The overall duration of the studio recording was over 30 minutes.

.. Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky/Vladimir Volkov "Jazz Raga In Document"
...New Music from Russia, Leo Records CDLR801-808 Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky - trumpet, composer Vladimir Volkov - bass

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